July 25


Who Is Best Suited to Be an Internet Marketer?

By Eric

July 25, 2021


Most people in the world don’t actually know what Internet marketing means. They may assume it’s the ads they see when using an online site, but they’re unaware of the business creation opportunities they have at their disposal.

Internet marketing encompasses the entire scope of what an online entrepreneur does for their career. The business models, the traffic strategies, networking, and more are all under the umbrella of this phrase.

So getting started in this business can feel very daunting, if you’re unprepared for the wealth of information you need to absorb. If you go about it strategically, you’ll find that it’s segmented very well, allowing you to learn at your own pace, implement and master the techniques needed to earn a nice living from the comfort of your own home.

It’s a great career path for both men and women, and works perfect for single or married adults and those who have kids. When the idea of working from home comes to mind, if you have children and a significant other, you might wonder if it’s possible to get much done.

But this business allows you the flexibility to work when you want to – whether that’s after the kids have gone to sleep, before they wake up, while they’re playing or otherwise.

You can even break up your work day around other scheduled events like carpool and outside activities. If you want to work an hour in the morning, two in the afternoon and one at night, you can!

You’re in complete control of the schedule. You can work any hours, as well as any number of hours you want to work. There are some people who work weekends only, or five hours a week, while others devote a full 40-hour Monday-Friday work week to it.

The main thing about identifying who is a good fit for this career is to see if you feel like a driven individual. Some people just aren’t. They need a boss guiding them – someone to give them instructions on what to do next.

If you have a love of learning and aren’t intimidated to the point of being paralyzed, you have a good shot at thriving as an Internet Marketer. Choose this career when you have the ability to work with a clear mind – not when you’re desperate for money because you’re about to lose your car or house. 

About the author

Eric Cooper has been an business executive and online entrepreneur since 1995. His experience with technology has been diverse, and has been a leader in this industry and a fortunate to land an Executive position that was instrumental in the development of the “online presence” during the “.com” era. [see: EricCooper.com]

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