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What First Steps Should I Take to Become an Internet Marketer?

By Eric

July 25, 2021

Internet Marketer

If you like the profit potential and flexibility of the Internet marketing career option and want to pursue it, you want to make a plan. Networking with others is going to save you a lot of heartache and grief, because you can avoid getting scammed and get the periodic support you need, such as having simple questions answered.

So join some forums and social groups and start watching to see who stands out as the helpful individuals. Start interacting and soaking up the answers to the questions you and others ask.

Make a list of the various niches that you may want to get involved in as a leader or affiliate. See if any of those can be combined into a broad niche site – such as weight loss and exercise or stress and sleep.

Brainstorm to see which business models would be fitting for those niches. For example, people but a lot of tangibles for weight loss and exercise – but they also buy digital products.

So aside from becoming an affiliate for those topics, you might want to add info product developer as an option. You can write courses and also make recommendations for the items they’ll buy on Amazon, such as kettlebells or meal prep containers.

You need a starting point. So you might want to create a plan that integrates the money you have to spend on courses and tools with the time you want to invest in working on your business.

If you only want to work a few hours per week, then you’d need to make sure you don’t choose a business model like service providing and over-commit to more than what you can effectively get done, since the person hiring you will likely have a deadline.

Map out a tentative schedule for yourself, such as Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 10 A.M. to noon. You can always scale up with the hours you devote to it as you learn more and don’t feel overwhelmed.

Keep in mind that a career as an Internet marketer is not one where you learn the ropes and fly solo from that point on. You will always need to continue the learning process. Traffic strategies evolve.

Search engine optimization rules change. People announce innovative measures that you may not have considered, and you’ll need to test it out and see if it works well for you. So learn to love the learning process, take it slow and remain consistent with your efforts.

About the author

Eric Cooper has been an business executive and online entrepreneur since 1995. His experience with technology has been diverse, and has been a leader in this industry and a fortunate to land an Executive position that was instrumental in the development of the “online presence” during the “.com” era. [see: EricCooper.com]

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